Our Licenced Artisans

Aaron Brown


For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed the freedom of making 3D objects. I was raised in an environment where you believed you could do/become anything you wanted to. A lot of my making has come out of my desire for something and then learning how to make it. To this day I make art objects I like and would want around me. After leaving school I studied Character Animation for 2 years before realising I preferred 3D over 2D. While traveling in Thailand with my wife I found an artist making figure sculptures out of some sort of wax. We couldn't communicate verbally but through watching and with hand gestures he kindled a desire in me to start sculpting. Upon my return to NZ I taught myself sculpting for a year while being supported by my (very supportive) wife. This lead to 8 years of commercial sculpting where I would make the prototypes for businesses in the toy and hobby industries and then into my own range of equine bronzes.


For most of this period I was carving initially bone then Jade in my spare time. I got a lot of timely encouragement and advice from John Edgar. In the last 2 or 3 years I have been spending more and more time carving. I love simple strong designs in my pendants and have been exploring mixing silver and Jade into representational insects sculptures. I recently (Sept 2015) was invited to show a piece in China's national Zi Gan Bei jade carving competition. The sculpture I took "Inner Light" is an articulated Jade Atlas beetle and got a Gold award which was very encouraging. I'm looking forward to exploring this approach more.Aaron Brown