Unique Waiheka

Unique Waiheka

Unique Waiheka


All Pounamu is sacred and highly valued by Ngāi Tahu, the most southern tribe of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Carving this sacred stone has been a cornerstone of our culture for hundreds of years and we are honoured that you have chosen to adorn yourself with this most sacred gift


Width: 110mm, Length/Height: 40mm


Why your stone is your stone

All Ngāi Tahu Pounamu pieces are individually hand-carved from genuine New Zealand greenstone.

The more you wear your Pounamu the more beautiful, unique and special it will become. Pounamu absorbs the natural oils from your skin over time which, when combined with constant skin contact, delicately polishes and enhances the lustre. This is what makes your stone uniquely yours, and why it becomes your taonga (treasured gift).

In the unlikely event that you’re unhappy with the unique piece you receive, we are happy to exchange it or provide a 100% refund. Simply contact us to discuss further.

Example colour variation

Pounamu comes in a myriad of different colours, textures and consistencies. The examples below are an indication of the wide range of colour variation you can expect when purchasing this product.

Lighter Medium Darker

Your Pounamu is incredibly strong and durable, however it is also very dense and does not absorb shock very well. Due to the intricate nature of some of the carvings, dropping or hitting your Pounamu against a hard surface could cause hairlines cracks or breaks.

Pounamu polishes and shines itself by absorbing the natural oils from your skin over time, enhancing and brightening the lustre. You can clean your Pounamu with a gentle soap if needed, but strong chemical cleaners should always be avoided.


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